What is Journey To Home?

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When I co-founded Journey to Home I imagined a place where people can come and create a space to serve as an opportunity to come home to themselves.

What has materialized over the last 3 years is that and so much more!

Journey To Home is a place where I can join a group of individuals and create a community where I can get clear on the different narratives that drive my life.  Learn to get clear on what has been driving my values and align my self to my essential truths.

We use principles, philosophy grounded in Torah drawing direct parallels to our own growth and progression to who we are.

Our own mediocrity has become our greatest roadblock on our paths to our own greatness. We often see the blueprints that were created and agreed upon after decades of development and sometimes changes and shifts aren’t being made.  Through peer-run groups we go through processes that create new neural pathways that lead to greater joy, responsibility, authenticity and well being.

We create a space of safety and brotherhood with healthy lasting growth and integrity.  We challenge and support each other for who we really are and not based on some old  tape that keeps playing in our heads.

The Men’s Intro Workshop is a journey to reconnect with your deeper essence (home). many explore unresolved patterns of thinking around masculinity, commitment, love, relationship, vulnerability, boundaries and safety. while many expand themselves into greater passion, gratitude, self-care and love.

We build a safe, honest and powerful place for you to step into possibility, your possibility!

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Many of us can notice that we want to:

  • Stop passing our personal baggage down to our kids, and be a present loving parent?

  • Revitalize our marriage and bring home a vital passionate presence open to intimacy?

  • Free up stuck areas in our lives and commit to own our health and wellness?

  • Stop being victims to circumstance and take ownership of our choices?

  • Work through pitfalls in behavior and step into “My Life!”?

This experiential workshop imparts tools that give men the context to wake up to what is already there. No one is broken despite what society may teach and no one is a less integral part in our Creators plan for all of us. The dynamic nature of this workshop enables participants to expand how they think, what they feel, and even how they move and feel in their bodies.

The last words spoken in the closing circle convey the following message: “You have been given tools to step into your own aliveness, step into your own love. Do you have anything else better to do than be more compassionate and loving to your child, to your wife? To be a bigger fuller more powerfully aware vulnerable man? Do you have anything else better to do? Go and use it, Go and be there! Go… Go!

JTH offers ongoing follow-up in a variety of incarnations including but not limited to:

  • Advanced workshops

  • Staffing opportunities

  • Ongoing whatsapp follow-up support groups

  • Ongoing in person follow-up groups in Toronto, Monsey, Brooklyn and Lakewood

  • Facilitation training curriculum

  • Group gatherings with BBQ and chulent with senior facilitators

  • Opportunities for One on One coaching

  • Couples counseling

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I have also been working closely with masterful female facilitators and have opened a women’s division of Journey To Home.

With over 10 years in group work and over 20 years combined with my partners Journey To Home has been an arena where Jewish men of all types and backgrounds can join together in community for support, challenge and waking up to who they really are…


Please visit IJTH.org for more information

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